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World-Class Paint, Lifetime Glasurit Warranty.

Whatever your reason, it makes sense to protect your vehicle with the best finish available.  You want a paint that stands up to the elements.  If you're undergoing repairs you want a finish that's an exact match to the original. You want to know you're getting the best available.  The Lifetime Glasurit Refinish Warranty, backed by BASF North America, puts it in writing.

Glasurit coatings are the industry standard by many prestigious manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, and Mercedes Benz.

When your vehicle is refinished at ISM Auto Body (a Glasurit certified center), you're getting the finest quality coatings available in the world. We guarantee that your paint repair or complete paint job will stand up for as long as you own your car or we will fix it for you. In the unlikely event of a problem, any Glasurit certified shop (ISM Auto Body) will honor your warranty. You'll find us throughout North America.

That's more than a promise.  Glasurit protects you with a written Lifetime Refinish Warranty on selected Glasurit products. It covers your car's finish against cracking, hazing, chalking, fading or peeling. ISM Auto Body uses only paint manufactured by BASF, a world leader in automotive coatings for both original automotive manufacturers and the refinish market.

You care about your car or truck.  We care about your satisfaction. So be sure to come to ISM Auto Body with the Glasurit warranty.  The one that covers you for the lifetime of your vehicle.

The Glasurit Refinish Warranty isn't available to just anyone with a paint sprayer. Only trained painters at certified collision repair centers are eligible. In fact, both the painters and the shop must be certified to participate in the program.

In order to qualify; painting professionals receive special factory training and shops are evaluated carefully for professionalism, reliability, equipment, safety and high consistently performance.

These high standards are necessary to avoid finish failure that could be caused by improper application procedures, inferior materials or both. At ISM Auto Body, painters use only approved products and procedures. This is your assurance of Glasurit performance and durability.

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Glasurit Paint Glasurit Paint
Glasurit Paint Glasurit Paint
Glasurit Paint Glasurit Paint

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Better for the Environment

Glasurit's water-based paint system is the most technologicallyadvanced paint system in the world. Water-based paint releases less VOCs globe(volatile organic compounds) than solvent-based paint when evaporating. VOC emissions contribute to air pollution and global warming. Solvent-based paints are actually deemed “hazardous waste” and require proper disposal.